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Fractional CFO Services

Escape the mundane day-to-day operations and concentrate your attention on doing the work you love.

We aim to help Business owners get their lives back by consistently delivering the numbers that really matter.

We can help you with:

Scaling Up
Profit Improvement
Business Financing
Cashflow Problems
Buying/Selling Business
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Mashcube Professional Corporation CPA has helped numerous Canadian and American businesses lower their tax obligations and eliminate the stress of an audit. Our approach is more proactive than reactive to put you in a position of power.

Our Expertise

I need to improve our system and team management and get a better handle on our reporting. Because we lacked the tools to calculate work in progress and most of our purchases were incurred in the month they were made, we were unable to identify what the actual monthly income were. As a result, we would only realize a true profit at the end of the year.

Ensure you are hitting your targets by conducting monthly meetings, closely monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), work in progress (WIP), and profit and loss (P&L). Gain more confidence to lead your team in a productive way by laying down firm boundaries so the team knows how to respond and be prepared to any situation.

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I could not afford a full-time CFO but I need “someone” who is skilled for my business to grow. I need someone with the financial experience that could overlook what we were doing and keep us on track so we could focus on building our business.

We would love to provide valuable insight into the financial side of your business and be the “someone” to proactively discuss and reevaluate the strategic direction you were moving in. Someone that has your interests at heart can listen to your ideas as you sound your way through them. Fractional CFOs are not as emotionally invested in the business, so we are able to give sound advice from an outward-looking perspective.

“I've wanted to retire for a long time, but I wasn't sure how to get the business ready to sell and make sure it was in the best condition for potential buyers.”

With our huge amount of experience working with a variety of small to medium-sized businesses we are confident we faced almost every imaginable situation that came our way, good and bad. We can help you on diversifying your product offering by acquiring other businesses and led you through the exit planning process leading up to the successful sale of the business that will enable you to retire.

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Get ready to move your business forward, strategically. Book a consultation with one of our advisors, now.

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