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We work for your success

At MaShCube, we understand the significance of your financial journey. Having the right ally who comprehends your distinctive circumstances is paramount. Too often, conventional accounting firms overlook the importance of a personal connection. They may engage with you prior to payment, but once the transaction is complete, you become just another number in their records.

We take a different approach. We value you as an individual, not just as a client. Your taxes matter to us because they matter to you. Our team of knowledgeable and approachable professionals is committed to going above and beyond. We pride ourselves on our unique expertise, which allows us to tackle even the most intricate financial challenges while providing personalized attention to each and every client.

Take the time to acquaint yourself with the individuals who define our ethos at MaShCube. We're here to make a difference in your financial world.

Maulik Mehta, CPA
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A seasoned CPA and US-Canada Cross Border Tax expert, founded MaShCube, drawing from extensive experience across multiple countries and industries. With notable achievements in both professional and extracurricular domains, brings a wealth of expertise.

Shweta Mestry, CPA Co-Founder
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Excels in Tax Auditing, Accounting, and Finance, optimizing tax benefits for clients and offering innovative solutions. Her approach reflects a commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle.

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Aijaz Deshmukh
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Maulik Mehta

CPA (Canada, USA, India)

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MaShCube was founded by Maulik, a highly experienced CPA with work experience across USA, Canada and India, and a US - Canada Cross Border Tax expert. 

He has earned CPA designations in USA, Canada, and India.  He is also an Enrolled Agent in USA , the highest credential directly awarded by the IRS. ​He also holds a Bachelor of Law (Hon.) and Bachelor of Commerce degree in India. 


Formerly, he was fortunate to gain 14 years of work experience in public accounting with Big4 firms. 


He has extensive experience across various industries like Technology, Financial services, Cannabis, Real Estate, Private Equity etc.

​Specialized in

• US / Canada  Cross Border Tax Experts

• Revenue ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Revenue accounting standards),

• High net worth individuals ​

Formerly also awarded as 'the best employee' for  perfectly planning and executing big projects and managing the team. 

On extra-curricular, he has won many awards in multiple sports and dance events. He loves to play Tennis, Badminton ,Cricket, Hiking, Dancing & Skiing.    


Shweta Mestry
CPA (US, India)

 A highly qualified Chartered Accountant of India, Shweta is the Co-Founder and an all-rounder of the MaShCube family.

Proficient in Tax Auditing, Accounting, and Finance, she has many feathers to her hat and mainly deals with client coordination in the realm of tax benefits and returns.


She advises clients on any missed tax benefits, procedures for smoothly filing taxes, and the analysis of financial data for the company.


She also takes interest in various extra-curricular activities including sports and performing arts and is a powerhouse of new ideas and solutions for the team.

The MaShCube accountants are ready to tackle all of your financial needs. Stop by our office today and see for yourself why our team is so highly regarded in Vancouver,Toronto & San Francisco.

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